Wa'ai Competition

The Wa’ai competition is an initiative targeting young adults aged 20-30 years old to become involved in generating creative content that shares environmental messaging. Competitors develop materials that raise environmental awareness, promote sustainable living and address some of the threats that negatively impact Oman’s environment. The environmental themes include topics such as; Climate and Biodiversity, Plastic Pollution, Overgrazing and Sustainable Fishing. The creative content developed includes three main formats:

Video or animation

Reusable merchandise designs

Infographic designs

Each category is shortlisted by a panel of judges and the final winners determined by public vote. Our 2021 Wa’ai Competition was sponsored by Oman Shell.  Winners of the 2023 competition will be celebrated at an outdoor event where they will have an opportunity to showcase their work.


We are currently seeking sponsorship to continue this programme.

Past sponsors:

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