Oman’s youth are our most important environmental campaigners for a sustainable future. ESO delivers a range of educational initiatives that target schools, colleges and universities, aiming to raise environmental awareness and promote the adoption of more sustainable behaviors. 

ESO’s education initiatives began with simple school visits and has advanced into the development of more targeted events and campaigns. Our past initiatives include:

The Inter College Environmental Public Speaking Competition (2012-2018), was an event organized with the aim of developing a deep appreciation of the environment and an understanding of the challenges facing it through study, research, discussion and debate. Over 174 students forming 40 teams representing colleges and universities from across the Sultanate participated.

The Education Programme (2016-2018), saw ESO conduct themed visits to schools having developed interactive tools for improving awareness in the themes of Ecological Footprint, Water and Energy Consumption, Green Schools and Oman’s Biodiversity.

The Green Innovation Eco-thon, initiated in 2019, saw 24 colleges and universities from across Oman come together to participate in a 3 day “eco-thon” challenge to develop concepts using technology and innovation as instruments for resolving environmental issues.

Our current programmes include:

Namat Schools Competition

Wa’ai Awards