Community Outreach

A central pillar of ESO’s work is to raise environmental awareness within the community. We look for opportunities to engage the community in initiatives and events designed to celebrate and protect Oman’s environment. We also actively deliver outreach initiatives linked to our core research and conservation programmes to help raise awareness about the species we are fighting to protect and to encourage the adoption of conservation actions.

ESO aims to reach out to different sectors of the community including women, children in schools, fishermen, coastal and mountain communities and the public at large.

Community Initiatives And Events

Oman Climate Dialogues

A joint initiative between ESO and ASYAD Group designed to strengthen climate cooperation across all communities in Oman.  With the support of local and international experts leading panel discussions and workshops, this series is a chance for us all to explore how Oman is responding to this global challenge. For more information and to register for the events visit:

Oman Environment Day

The Sultanate of Oman celebrates “Oman Environment Day”, which falls on January 8 annually, to celebrate the incredible biodiversity found in Oman and to raise awareness about our collective responsibility to protect it.

Earth Hour

Earth Hour is a worldwide movement which encourages individuals, communities, and businesses to turn off non-essential lights, for one hour on the last Saturday of March, as a symbol of commitment to our planet.

Plastic Free July

‘Plastic-Free July’ aims to raise awareness about the damaging impact of single-use plastics on both our environment and our own human health. The campaign aims to encourage people to limit their consumption of unnecessary plastics in their daily lives.

World Cleanup Day

World Cleanup Day, celebrated in September, is an annual social action programme aimed at combatting the global waste problem, whilst also raising awareness about the dangers of waste to both human and environmental health.

Community Conservation Outreach

A core part of our conservation efforts is educating local communities about the species we are working to protect and how they can support their conservation.

Raptor Research and
Conservation Outreach

We have produced a booklet that celebrates Raptors in Oman and share this with communities alongside presentations and videos designed to raise awareness about the critical role raptors play in supporting our ecosystem, the threats they face and the importance of their conservation.

Turtle Research and
Conservation Outreach

Each year our team plans several activities to raise awareness about the importance of marine turtles. The aim is to raise awareness with fishermen, local communities, schools and women’s associations. Leaflets, presentations and video animations support this work.

Whale and Dolphin Research and Conservation Outreach

Animations, videos, infographics and presentations are all used to support our engagement with coastal communities and fishermen about the importance of protecting our marine environment. We have also produced a Marine Mammal Atlas of Oman which celebrates the species of whales and dolphins found in Oman’s waters.

Frankincense Research and Conservation Outreach

We have produced booklets, infographics and presentations that celebrate the species of Frankincense native to Oman, Boswelia sacra and which promote sustainable methods of harvesting as a particular conservation focus. Our team engage with government entities, local communities and farmers across Dhofar to improve awareness and promote a culture of conservation.
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