ESO Donation Program

The Environment Society of Oman (ESO) is the only non-profit organisation in Oman that focuses on conserving the environment. Since 2004 successful programs have been funded by donations to ESO in order to support the implementation of projects that have impacted the environment, as well as local communities in the areas that the projects have been held.


Tourism puts enormous pressure on the environment, but it can also have a positive impact. Through hotels and tour operators, we are offering Oman’s tourists the chance to support our projects, and to give back to Oman and its environment by helping to protect our endangered wildlife and conserve our natural heritage.

This is a rewarding way for the individuals to contribute to a meaningful cause and the perfect opportunity for Oman’s tourists to give back to our environment.


ESO is a professionally run charitable organisation with a dedicated team of staff and volunteers. Your donations will add much needed funds to our projects focusing on the conservation of Oman’s endangered biodiversity, including: The Arabian Sea Humpback Whale, Loggerhead Turtle, Egyptian Vulture and Frankincense Trees. These donations will enable ESO to help protect these endangered species and give us the resources to ensure future generations can do the same.


We are grateful to the following hotels who give their guests the opportunity to donate 1 OMR upon check out


We are grateful to the following tour operators and their clients for their kind donation to ESO