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The Environment Society of Oman has been steadily growing over the last six years. It remains ESO’s goal to train Omani fresh university graduates to eventually take over the running of the ESO. However, due to natural attrition as Omani’s are lost from the Society, often due to recruitment to other organizations seeking to improve their environmental capabilities, we found ourselves faced with a major restructuring of staff in order to keep up with the growing responsibilities and projects that ESO has and wants to continue taking on.

At the beginning of 2010 the Society had over ten projects being undertaken with only three full time staff. By 2011 we grew to 7 staff in order to keep up with the workload and demand for more grassroots involvement. With increased manpower ESO was able to expand on current projects, start new projects and increase community outreach and education initiatives tremendously.

It was agreed by the Board that a central part of ESO’s mandate would be to train Omani graduates in conservation strategies and NGO and community involvement before joining Oman’s workforce and give them an opportunity to pursue a career with ESO.

However, there was a shortfall in funding between the administrative costs that are brought in from project funding, and the running costs of the Society.

In 2012 ESO began a Capacity Building Program allowing the Society to train young Omanis in the field of environmental conservation and in turn successfully increase all project capabilities, increase community outreach programs, and increase volunteer involvement.

To date ESO has hired and trained over 15 Omanis in the field of environmental conservation. This is an excellent, well established and worthwhile investment for any sponsor looking to the the future of Oman.

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