Title:Tina The Turtle
Author:Grace Todino-Gonguet
Publisher:Gilgamesh Publishing Ltd (UK)
 An educational and beautifully illustrated children's book based on a turtle rescue in Oman. It also describes the life cycle of a green turtle and includes many fun facts.
Title:The Natural History of Oman: A Festschrift for Michael Gallagher
Author:Martin Fisher, Shahina A Ghazanfar, Andrew Spalton
Publisher:Backhuys Publishers
 "Our purpose in this book is to celebrate this work, and in particular Michael's contributions, and in so doing to celebrate the fauna and flora of an extraordinary and varied country."
Title:Birdlife in Oman
Author:Hanne & Jens Eriksen
Publisher:Al Roya Publishing
 Some 400 colour photographs are included in this book to help identify 250 species of birds, which cover all the common, and many not so common, birds found in Oman. The authors lived in Oman for 19 years and travelled all over the country in search of birds to study and photograph.
Title:Landscaping with Omani Wild Trees
Author:David Insall
 The aim of this book is to explain why wild trees, shrubs and other plants are important to our lives, showing how they can be used for landscaping in our private gardens and our places of work, and at the same time help us to save water
Title:The Native Plants of Oman
Author:Clive Winbow
 A handy guide for the amateur naturalist to identify over 150 wild plants that are commonly seen on walks in the Omani countryside.